A Summoner in London

Twenty-six-year-old Zoe Giles has wonderful friends, a job she loves, and the best mentor in the business. She’s an ambitious perfumist, hellbent on becoming a household name in the fragrance industry. Her life is perfect, or so she thought.

Sometimes determination can drive a person too far and when she sidelines her mentor Carlos by outshining him in front of an important client, he ships her to purgatory, better known as dreary, drizzly London. How’s a girl supposed to be inspired in a place so drab?

After Carlos is violently murdered, he leaves Zoe a letter that draws her into a world of jinn, vampires and a predatory, enigmatic man named Saul. She quickly learns that Carlos wasn’t punishing her by sending her away. He was trying to save her life. She’s a summoner, a daughter of Solomon, who can teleport jinn and enslave them.

Jinn don’t appreciate being controlled, and they’ve killed every summoner before her. She’s the last of her race, and with no idea how to use her powers, Zoe’s forced to rely on Saul. He’s the only person in London strong enough to keep her safe, but Saul has an agenda of his own and he’s not helping her for grins and giggles. He has plans for Zoe. Painful plans. As her faith in Saul falters, so does her chance for survival.