Depth of Field

Photo by Drew Rae on

As a newspaper photographer, Britney Hanson has gladly spent her high school years behind the camera. But when valedictorian, Logan Randall, asks her to the homecoming dance, she’s ready to claim the limelight. Unfortunately, her skin has other plans.


Now she’s hiding from Logan, afraid one look at the carnage on her face will send him to the dance with another girl. Britney can’t let that happen, but with a mom working three jobs to pay the bills, getting medicine is proving impossible. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when Britney is offered employment at a funeral home, she begrudgingly takes it. Though photographing dead people isn’t an ideal after-school job, money is money no matter how it’s earned, right?

Surprisingly, she’s not the only teenager employed at Resthaven Funeral Home. Jack Young, heir to the funeral home empire, digs graves and naps in coffins when he’s not riding around town in a vintage hearse. His secrets run as deep as his soulful brown eyes.  When her world explodes, he might be the only one who can hold her together.